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Say Goodbye to Conferences, Say Hello to Love – XOXO Part I

I have been blessed to be thrust into the world of conferences these last few years as a planner, producer and videographer. Not the trade shows and expo floors that I’ve worked and attended in the past as a corporate technical marketing engineer, but special interest groups, birds of a feather type affairs that typically attract an audience of bright people to watch engaging speakers give their talks. For me it started small with something called a “Cyborg Camp” (how cool is that, right?) at a former SE Portland co-working office called Cube Space and then Bar Camps, Journalism Camps, WordPress Camps (a lot of camping in there) and on to larger Open Source community conferences. And Portland, Oregon has hatched several of these gatherings, large and small, with WebVisions being the largest homegrown gathering of web and mobile designers in its 12th year and growing annual events in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Barcelona to Open Source Bridge, the Portland conference for open source citizens in its 4th year and Word Camp (Portland Edition) in its 5th, for the community of bloggers and developers on the WordPress platform. What makes these conferences work is the people involved, from attendees, speakers, organizers and volunteers who put their hard work and love into the event each year. Sometimes these gatherings can find the right venue to fit the atmosphere of the event and sometimes, for several reasons finding the right place to hold an event is a challenge.

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Open Source Bridge 2011

Hey there! I’ve been meaning to blog a little more here but I’ve been working on some interesting things lately (more on that at a later time). I haven’t even had enough downtime for a site redesign even though I have my trial copy of Photoshop loaded up… . BTW, if you’re a designer and take pity on a guy like me, let’s talk! 🙂

I had originally intended to first post about the Webvisions 2011 conference but hadn’t had the chance. Since this post is about the Open Source Bridge conference, I’ll direct your attention to this years Webvisions keynote by Douglas Rushkoff. I think it speaks to the heart of being an Open Source citizen. Anyway, here’s what OSBridge is all about:

The conference for open source citizens. Open Source Bridge is a conference for developers working with open source technologies and for people interested in learning the open source way.

The conference is in it’s 3rd year, and going strong. In addition to posting the keynotes, the organizers have provided a media room where people can come and podcast, interview, blog or just hang out and talk about media production. We are providing a place to conduct video or audio recording using what we have setup or bring your own. No gear, no worries- we’ve got you well covered and can assist you. Just come up to the 3rd floor and you’ll see us in the fishbowl.

So maybe you can’t attend and want to get a feel for what this conference is all about? Well your in luck, because here’s this mornings welcome and keynote from the conference, enjoy: