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Podcast: Your Next Portland (Yawn) Mayor and Hey You Guys! Mommy’s Got Her Groove Back

It’s this week’s little 10 minute talk that finds it’s way into 2 hours of The Weather Report every Monday at noon on House of Sound. I like the brevity of this little nibble of a podcast. Will it grow to 15, 20 or 30 minutes in the future? Perhaps. Let’s just see how this all goes, shall we?

My pre-show antics were consumed watching a live stream of Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith debate- well gosh, that’s such a strong word here in Portland isn’t it? Let’s say discuss why they think they’d do a really swell job if elected mayor of Portland. Sure, I miss the spikey days of classic American political debate like a Burr vs. Hamilton, but this is the 21st century and Portland after all. Which is why I started to question- why is this mayoral race so boring? Where’s the keeping it weird Portland vibe that we all love in our politics?

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Podcast: Criticizing The Armchair Media Critics


This week I took a little time out on my DJ show at House of Sound to talk about an observation I made Sunday night while watching the Mars Curiosity rover landing and reading the flood of tweets coming from those I follow. As with anything, there was the typical 140 funnies, the best from Curiosity itself when it tweeted:

I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!! #MSL  Continue reading

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Word Camp Portland 2010: Live Media on Your Blog: Tips, Tricks and Chicanery

For me, this year has meant some great accomplishments in producing media, juxtaposed by a devastating loss in my life and emotional conflict that at times, seems insurmountable and has brought with it feelings of deep sadness and anxiety. But to run away and hide from what has been accomplished and what has been made possible, is the wrong decision. I will continue to participate in building community through exploring the boundaries of technology and media– to teach, to learn and to hopefully make new friends along the way!

With this in mind, I submitted and was selected to give a talk at Word Camp Portland 2010, a yearly WordPress enthusiasts gathering. Although I certainly don’t consider myself a WordPress guru, I will give my talk on how to present live media on your blog- something I have spent many hundreds of hours producing. I hope to pass on some tips and also learn from the WordPress experts that will be there. If you won’t be there in person, please join the live stream, which I will embed right here on this blog.

Dr. Normal – Live Media on Your Blog: Tips, Tricks and Chicanery

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Hockley

This is not your father’s blog: with so much rich media on the web, bloggers want to know how to embed everything from podcasts to live events using their WordPress blog as a media portal.

Dr. Normal or doc normal is the nom de plume of Mike Gebhardt who makes great live video happen on the web.

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SXSW 2011 Panel Picker – Live Streaming for Good: Producing “30 Hour Day” (UPDATE)

Doc Normal at Open Source Bridge - Photo by Aaron Hockley

Vote for this panel here!

Hey folks!

Long time, no hear, eh? That’s entirely my fault since several projects and personal commitments have been interfering with regular posts and new content. Ah well, it’s the summer anyway- you should be enjoying the nice weather while you still can go outside and not listening to me jibber-jabbering on a podcast- we’ll have plenty of time for that soon..! Yes, there will be a few announcements about new projects and partnerships coming up and I’m so excited about what’s next, but for now here’s something I want to tell you about:

This Wednesday, August 11th 2010 at 10AM PDT/12PM CDT, the South By Southwest (SXSW) “Panel Picker” will be live where you can select your favorite out of some 2800 submitted talks. Why should you care? Well, yours truely has submitted a mondo talk that will cover live streaming event production!

Title:      Live Streaming for Good: Producing “30 Hour Day”

Abstract:      30 Hour Day was the first web-based live streaming telethon of its kind, designed to raise money for local charities in Portland Oregon and beyond. In this presentation I’ll share the behind-the-scenes production notes and the experience of what leading a community of technical and creative volunteers is like, all working toward the common goal of continuously live streaming 30 hours of video content to the web. I’ll also speak about the larger concepts behind this new model of charitable fundraising using the tools of social media and an open source attitude, to create a web media event in real-time that can drive action on a local level.

I’ll post and tweet the links when they go live on Wednesday. I’d sure appreciate it if you send me to SXSW to represent PDX by voting for my talk, even if you think you might not be attending!



CrazyTalk Episode 19 – from 30 Hour Day

Join doc normal after a full day of producing the 30 Hour Day live event from Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, in the late night studio at Webtrends for a little CrazyTalk with special quests, quizmaster Polly Pospisil, social media photographer Aaron Hockley, EMT & life coach Gary Walter and DJ Mister Ballistic!

Listen to CrazyTalk Episode 19 – from 30 Hour Day


Tonight: Live at 6-ish PM – Paula Holm Jensen

Paula Holm Jensen is a Portland lawyer, practicing in the information
technology and intellectual property fields. She’s worked with several
of the best firms in Portland and Silicon Valley, but has been solo
for 5 of the last 7 years. Her main focus is on technology
transactions: development, licensing, sales, manufacturing, marketing,
distribution, etc. Other interests include copyright, privacy and open
source. Her clients range from individuals to Fortune 500 companies,
but are mostly small private companies. She’s worked with
semiconductors, medical devices, displays, telecom, consumer
electronics, internet services and all kinds of consumer and
enterprise software.