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Podcast: Your Next Portland (Yawn) Mayor and Hey You Guys! Mommy’s Got Her Groove Back

It’s this week’s little 10 minute talk that finds it’s way into 2 hours of The Weather Report every Monday at noon on House of Sound. I like the brevity of this little nibble of a podcast. Will it grow to 15, 20 or 30 minutes in the future? Perhaps. Let’s just see how this all goes, shall we?

My pre-show antics were consumed watching a live stream of Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith debate- well gosh, that’s such a strong word here in Portland isn’t it? Let’s say discuss why they think they’d do a really swell job if elected mayor of Portland. Sure, I miss the spikey days of classic American political debate like a Burr vs. Hamilton, but this is the 21st century and Portland after all. Which is why I started to question- why is this mayoral race so boring? Where’s the keeping it weird Portland vibe that we all love in our politics?

Help us Bud Clark, you’re our only hope. Whoop! Whoop!

#rant on

Moving on to the second break of my show, I rant a bit about the incessant need for some parents to publicly share the personal validation they seek from their children as they brave the romantic world of dating. Are you f*%!ing kidding me?! What does this say about your fine mental grounding as a parent if you insist that your dating life be the obvious mood ring that it is for your kids? And look at me! Look at me! I’m going to tweet to all of you the pride my kid has taken in me knowing that I got my groove back last night. Blerg. Inspired by a tweet I saw earlier in the day, I just had to get this one off my chest. Oh, and I promise more in the future…

#rant off

Agree or disagree, shoot me an email at and let’s “discuss”. And thanks for taking the time to listen.

Podcast Monday August 13th 2012 (Right Click to Download)



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