Tonight: Live at 9PM it’s The Darklady!


I took the day off Sunday for the live show, but not to worry. I’m doing the live show tonight, Monday at 9PM, and what a show this is going to be. My guest is a long-time blogger, writer and event coordinator, The Darklady!  The one-and-only provocateur, erotic event producer and free expression activist. Yes, I said “erotic”, as in sex, as in put the kiddies to bed and NSFW, unless you work at your neighborhood adult book store (do those even still exist?). We’ll discuss sex positive online resources and how social networks have impacted peoples use of  these sites. We’ll also discuss her upcoming (no pun intended) Masterbate-A-Thon event, now in it’s tenth year.

From Her Bio:

Theresa “Darklady” Reed is a long-time regular contributing writer for AVN, a blogger for, and president of Darklady Productions, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon. She is a current FSC board member, as well as FSC liaison to the newly formed Free Speech Alliance board and to the adult entertainment industry for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation.

When not hosting wildly innovative, pansexual fundraising events, Reed’s work appears in various erotica and sexuality anthologies, including Stanford Press’ “Prostitution and Pornography: Philosophical Debate about the Sex Industry.” She is also an accomplished screenwriter, public speaker, and sex educator who has run for public office twice.


Crazy Talk Episode 016 – Crazy Talk with Lorelle VanFossen

After a post-Webvisions party, I was very pleased that Lorelle VanFossen agreed to chat with me Sunday night on Crazy Talk. We were both a bit exhausted from the week’s activities, but had a far reaching conversation about social web communications, past, present, real-time, dead sea scrolls, & how to handle it all (from Lorelle’s tweet after the show). I also appreciated her thoughts on the real-time web vs. the limited capacity we have to internalize, prioritize and find the meaning of all these streams of data for our lives. Don’t forget: you get to put the oxygen mask on first!

Lorelle VanFossen is considered one of the top bloggers, and women bloggers, in the world. She is the host of the , providing WordPress and blogging tips for bloggers of all levels. She is also the community manager and part of the team, and producer and official “disruptive thinker” of .

Watch Here:


We’re in Events Season! So no Crazy Talk Tonight

Heya! We’ve hit the tech events season for 2010 & I’m producing some of these live streaming events. Last night, I was producing the Rose City Rollers bout stream, and next week, we’ll be hosting the Webvisions 2010 webcast. Needless to say, it’s been keeping me busy and away from Crazy Talk show planning. But stick with it! I’ve got some very cool things planned for this space in the near future and, I’ll be updating this blog next week with links & info for the Webvisions event. I’m looking forward to it.


Crazy Talk Episode 015 – Re-redoing Media with Betsy Richter

It was my pleasure to have Betsy Richter join us this week via Skype, for a follow-on conversation after my appearance on her new podcast Redoing Media on At the top of the show, we also touched on her digital journo bio and got an update on OurPDX. Since I’m a strong believer in not duplicating work, I’ll post Betsy’s own description of the conversation right here:

“I sat down Sunday night to record an unexpected podcast via Skype as the featured guest on Dr Normal’s new Crazy Talk podcast & we ended up with this…”

“From what I remember, both Doc and I were witty, opinionated and oh, so chatty (an hour and a half of chat, to be specific). But don’t take it from me – as one Twitter reviewer said afterwards:

“If you care about journalism, listen to this podcast. Best discussion I’ve heard in months.”

Watch Here:


Crazy Talk Episode 014 with Amber Case and Andy Beach

It was a big kick-off for the 2010 return of Crazy Talk! I’ve finally got the feeds and syndication established and hope to announce the availability of this show on iTunes shortly. Amber Case and Andy Beach joined me for our discussion Sunday night. Watch it right here. Enjoy!


All good things… farewell Portland Sucks…

Today, Friday March 7th 2010 marks the end of my civil commute. Come Monday I’ll have my arsenal of incendiary devices, rocket launchers and the sawed-off shotgun- ready to snarl at and threaten my fellow commuters. On Monday my radio will be silent at 8AM as the calming effect of two friends chatting it up in the morning will be no more. Today, Robert Wagner and Sabrina Miller will do their last Portland Sucks morning show. After 282 episodes and becoming a popular morning team, they’re calling it quits and Portland will miss them. On a shoestring budget this show demonstrated the possibilities of what can be done on internet radio. And they did it with humor- not taking themselves too seriously.

In the last year on Portland Sucks, I’ve learned:

1 ) Portland really doesn’t suck (but Seattle does!)

2 ) There’s a lot of really cool people doing some really cool shit here!

3 ) Go Timbers!

4 ) Hard work may not always get you where you want to go, but it’s a hell of a lot better than whining and having a sense of entitlement.

5 ) You really should keep tabs on your ‘man-parts’. If you ignore a problem, you might just end up in the emergency room.

6 ) Life is best when you’re doing it with really good people.

7 ) Humpday is for humping… something…

8 ) Portland is still full of crazies that are as far away as the send button in email.

9 ) Housekeeping!

10 ) Robert and Sabrina are two really great people who make this city the best place to be!

Farewell Portland Sucks, we all will miss you. Best wishes to Robert and Sabrina in their future endeavors.


UPDATE: Here’s where to go at 8AM Monday morning, as announced on the last Portland Sucks. The morning team will be heard at Morning Submission.


Tonight: Crazy Talk “Shop Class as Soulcraft” the Value of Work

Tonight at 9PM Pacific Time, live on or here for your iPad and iPhone, I’ll be re-launching the Crazy Talk podcast with an amazing A-list guest panel, loosely discussing the underlying thesis behind the book Shop Class as Soulcraft.

What is the value of work- of the trades and crafts, and those with an intimate knowledge of their machines? Has higher education been relagated to churning out indebted, middle-class “knowledge workers” performing to ambiguous standards of excellence in their cubicles? And what does this mean for the Facebook generation? Is our future cast in a virtual world of self-indulgence, lacking any self-reliance?

Join me on the next Crazy Talk with our esteemed guest panelists:

Amber Case

“Amber Case is a Cyborg Anthropologist and tech consultant researching prosthetic culture. She studies the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way cultures think, act, and understand their worlds. Case wrote her thesis on cell phones and their technosocial sites of engagement.”

Andy Beach

“Andy Beach is a digital media professional who combines technology, creativity, and business strategy. He is also the author of Real World Video Compression, a book that seeks to explain the world of compression in plain English. Andy brings significant expertise and experience in the field of product strategy & marketing, video compression and rich media solutions.”